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Aquafine UV Ballast Assembly  large
Aquafine Ballast 43474-3 UV lamp
Code : B43474-3
Deskripsi :

Aquafine Ballast 43474-3 UV lamp

PT Profilter Indonesia perusahaan importir distributor agen dan supplier Aquafine Ballast 43474-3 UV lamp Electronic Ballast 100-240V, OptiVenn Series Replaces obsoleted 43474-1 in Optivenn models with 30″ and 60″ lamps terlengkap menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part water treatment  untuk keperluan industri dengan harga dan kualitas terbaik.

Profilter Indonesia selain memproduksi filtration sand dan carbon juga menyediakan berbagai spare part WTP diantaranya yaitu filter cartridge , housing filter bag, housing cartridge filter, reverse osmosis membrane serta ultraviolet water sterilizer.


Dear Aquafine UV Ballast Customers
This bulletin is to notify you that Aquafine has introduced a new lamp driver 43474-4 to the 43474-1 used on OptiVenn 15” lamp units (OPV01CDS and OPV03CDS). As per bulletin AQ11062020, for products using 30" and 60" lamps with lamp driver 43474-1, the direct ment lamp driver is 43474-3 UV Ballast.
This is part of our commitment to provide best in class quality components for Aquafine UV systems as well as to improve reliability over the life of your system.

This bulletin is to notify you that Aquafine has introduced a new lamp driver to the 16518-1 used in CSL Series, SCD Series, SL1/MP2-SL, RBE. We have qualified the new UV lamp driver 16518-3 as a direct ment for 16518-1.


Replace Magnetic Ballasts

The purpose of this product bulletin is to inform you that Aquafine Corporation has qualified new electronic ballasts to magnetic ballasts used in discontinued products. Magnetic ballasts are now obsoleted and are d with electronic ballasts with no effect on performance. This change is mandated by Department of energy (DOE) for restriction on the usage of magnetic ballasts.


Department of Energy (DOE) Restrictions on magnetic Ballasts
The Department of Energy (DOE), under 10 CFR Part 430, mandates November 14, 2014 as the last day for the manufacture or import of electromagnetic ballasts that do not meet the minimum BLE (ballast luminous efficiency) level as set forth in the DOE regulation. This regulation affects many electromagnetic fluorescent types of ballast that operate rapid start lamps, instant start lamps and high output lamps, as well as sign ballasts that operate high output lamps.
While this restriction forced our ballast manufacturers and suppliers to stop manufacturing and importing the magnetic ballast after November 14, 2014, the magnetic ballasts in inventory can be sold until the stock is depleted. We have depleted all inventories of magnetic ballasts and have qualified alternative electronic ballasts.
Product Lines Affected
None. No Aquafine current active products use any type of magnetic ballasts.

Aquafine has developed an electronic ballast conversion kit, which will convert the magnetic ballast to electronic ballast with slight modifications to the existing wiring and in some cases, an adapter plate.
Required Actions
Please contact Aquafine if you are using magnetic ballast on your UV system to get the new electronic ballast conversion/upgrade kit at discounted price for next six months from the date of this notification.


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